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Free workshop given by Jim

James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019

James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019


James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019

James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019

James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019

In Memory of a very special member and friend to all


Always sharing ART

James "Jim" Pugh - July 1938 October 2019

Always sharing ART




Painting: realistic, abstract, collage, mixed media Category

a. 1st Janna Wald Faith, Oil realism

b. 2nd Stan Perkins, Mixed Media abstract

c. 3rd Liz Walters, Acrylic abstract

3- Dimensional Category

a. 1st Becky McLain gourd and antlers sculpture

Photography Category

a. 1st Cary Wacker


a. Courtney Warren, Photography

Juror Awards

a. Jennifer Tuggle, Photography

b. Missy Kyle, Oil realistic

c. Joe Conner, Collage

d. John Robinson, Oil realistic

e. Marilyn Todd Daniels, Oil realistic

f. Bonnie Koenig, Acrylic realistic

Guest for February 17, 2019

David Hardy

David Hardy is the owner of Dave’s LifeStyle Photography.  He is a Certified Professional Photographer, a member of Professional Photographers Assoc , Oklahoma PPA and Texas PPA.  His business  is located west of Caney in the country with 20 acres of photo opportunities and a modern studio.  SAL was privileged to have David as their guest.  His presentation of photographs was expertly explained.  A professional photographer does the same planning as a person who paints in media.  He selects his subject, plans balancing, shadows, foreground and applies certain rules.  As David walked us through the photos he brought, it was a door opening in my mind!  So fascinating how his editing made a photograph become interesting, not a point and shoot.  His manner and smile are very genuine which reflects how much he loves his art.  He explained the different methods of capturing a person's face to make it look full or soft and angular.  He jokingly claimed that the best photo is not expected and often an accident.  He travels extensively seeking landscape, people and any object that his camera can transform into a photograph of interest.  He never takes a picture of a person straight on or the minute they meet.  He likes to engage them in conversation and capture them in a natural pose and relaxed.  

Currently he schedules sessions on a limited basis, mostly evenings and weekends.  He has a passion for creative work and attempts to do things different than every other photographer. As often as his schedule allows he likes to work on self-assignments, and creative projects. These sessions can provide opportunities for discounted or even free sessions. Please message for more information.



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We wish to communicate  with artists in surrounding cities to receive information about their events/shows to post on our website and inform the community of other venues



 Sherman Art League (SAL) is the longest established art organization in Grayson County, dating to 1961.  We desire to encourage artists of all ages, to promote excellence and diversity in the arts, and to increase the awareness and appreciation of art in the community.  To promote the visual arts through lectures, shows and workshops in an informal collegial atmosphere.  After fifty-eight years, we continue to support this goal. 

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Year 2019

January - Ginger Walker, demonstrating colored pencils

February - Michael Winegarden

March - Jim Pugh, Making Paper

April -  Bev Boren

May -  Cancelled because of weather

June - Lynda Dunham-Watkins

July - Business Meeting

August - Justin Burns

September - Annual Show

October - Carolyn Vandeventer

November - Cecy Turner



January -  Marie Renfro

February - David Hardy


Regrettably, we. have not been able to hold a meeting since February.

Annual Show is September!