Painting: realistic, abstract, collage, mixed media Category

a. 1st Janna Wald Faith, Oil realism

b. 2nd Stan Perkins, Mixed Media abstract

c. 3rd Liz Walters, Acrylic abstract

3- Dimensional Category

a. 1st Becky McLain gourd and antlers sculpture

Photography Category

a. 1st Cary Wacker


a. Courtney Warren, Photography

Juror Awards

a. Jennifer Tuggle, Photography

b. Missy Kyle, Oil realistic

c. Joe Conner, Collage

d. John Robinson, Oil realistic

e. Marilyn Todd Daniels, Oil realistic

f. Bonnie Koenig, Acrylic realistic

In keeping with many years of tradition, Sherman Art League's Annual Show and Sale was held in the Municipal Building Ballroom in conjunction with Sherman's ArtFest.

Friday, September 20 for SAL.

Saturday, September 21 for SAL and ArtFest.

In CELEBRATION of the ARTS, and SHERMAN'S designation as a CULTURAL ARTS DISTRICT, a  reception and commentary with


was held Thursday, September 19th in the Municipal Ballroom.

We were pleased to have a good attendance the night of the reception and a large show of support of the "ARTS" during ArtsFest.  Many came through and took the time to view all of the media with much interest.   Children of all ages pointed out features of the pieces to their parents.  I encouraged some to touch the canvas so they would know the feeling of actual media rather then the machine productions in the stores.

The Annual Show is a culmination of hard work and all artists are welcome to enter.  Austin College has been very instrumental in gaining Sherman's status as a Cultural Arts District Designation.  We hope with their work and planning the show will be even larger next year.   This show is in the past and now we look forward to preparing for 2020!

A big Thank You to all who attended.

Linda McAnaney

President of Sherman Art League

Monthly meetings will resume in October.

October 21st Meeting




Carolyn Vandeventer is a certified artist/teacher. She was affiliated with Alexander Art then with Grubacher and finally with Winsor & Newton. For 26 years Carolyn taught the wet-on-wet oil painting technique in craft stores in Dallas and East Texas. She does not travel to teach now but does give classes at her home in Sulfur Springs.  Carolyn occasionally gives a two day portrait class at her home.

Carolyn is an active member of Paris Art Study Group in Paris. She is, also, a member of Texas Area Artists in Mesquite.

She will be demonstrating portrait painting using water soluble oils for the Sherman Art League.


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 Sherman Art League (SAL) is the longest established art organization in Grayson County, dating to 1961.  We desire to encourage artists of all ages, to promote excellence and diversity in the arts, and to increase the awareness and appreciation of art in the community.  To promote the visual arts through lectures, shows and workshops in an informal collegial atmosphere.  After fifty-eight years, we continue to support this goal. 

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