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 Sherman Art League (SAL) is the longest established art organization in Grayson County, dating to 1961.  We desire to encourage artists of all ages, to promote excellence and diversity in the arts, and to increase the awareness and appreciation of art in the community.  To promote the visual arts through lectures, shows and workshops in an informal collegial atmosphere.  After fifty-eight years, we continue to support this goal. 

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Monday, May 20th

LYNDA DUNHAM-WATKINS - She is very talented and the program will be a pleasant surprise!

7pm - 9pm

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Monday, May 20th

LYNDA DUNHAM-WATKINS - She is very talented and the program will be a pleasant surprise!


Lynda’s interest of sculpting historical figures and animals grew quickly to include acrylic and oil painting of people and animals.  

With no formal art training Lynda began as a self- taught artist concentrating on sculpting and then growing into working with abstract ideas and portraits, considering each a demanding, rewarding, and exciting challenge, using oils, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolors, and many mark making items to explore the possibilities of ideas and visions on canvas, paper, plaster, and various other substrates. Mixed media is a means of expression that she never grows tired of pursuing.

Lynda’s attention to detail when sculpting carries over to paintings and to mixed media. Blending reality with abstract leads the observer into the piece whether via the details or by layers and texture that provide visual stimulation.

To live is to learn…..with no known limits ahead, Lynda eagerly looks forward to tomorrow.

7pm - 9pm



Justin Burns

Sherman Art League usually has an artist demonstrating their own painting technique and style.  This month, we have invited Justin Burns, a representative from Golden Artists Colors, Inc. The Lecture covers information about the different types of acrylic paints, mediums, gels, pastes and grounds.  Justin also covers a technical review of acrylics and their varied application possibilities, techniques in working with mixed media, printmaking, and the review of GOLDEN’s newest products including OPEN acrylics, High Flow acrylics and QoR watercolor. This lecture gives new insights that can be added to our creative processes.  All members will receive a free information packet 

( also guest if you call to confirm attendance), hand-painted color charts and a bag of free GOLDEN product samples to take home. Justin is an artist himself and teaches high school art.  His work focuses on spaces that are left as they are, weathered and abandoned fragments of a time once lived. His paintings have been exhibited in Dallas/Fort Worth and have been featured in publications such as Studio Visit Magazine and Friend of the Artist. If you are interested in his artwork or any of his workshops and lectures, you can learn more about them on his website at:

Guests are welcome.  This is a fantastic presentation.  We meet in the Forster building at Austin College, Monday, August 19th at 7 pm.  If you plan to attend, please call 903-624-0550 or email  so I can have a number to give Justin for his wonderful gifts.


Justin grew up in Farmers Branch, Texas and studied close to home at the University of North Texas.  He earned his BFA focusing primarily on Studio Drawing and Painting in 2013.  Before achieving a BFA, Justin and his twin brother were traveling playing music and signed a record contract to Island/Def-Jam Records in 2009.  During his travels playing music, Justin experimented in painting and photography and began to gather photographs of a small community were the Burns family has a one-hundred-year old farm in Kopperl, Texas. Justin took interested in stories of the farm, community and what is physically left behind. After experiencing an apartment fire where he and his family lost everything in 2014, Justin’s work began to take a new role and meaning. His work focuses on spaces that are left as they are, weathered and abandoned fragments of a time once lived. 

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