SAL Guest, January, Monday 21

Ginger Walker, About the Artist

        Ginger traveled to many countries with her husband when he worked for Schlumberger, which meant transferring locations every eighteen months to two years.  There was no end to the new and interesting materials these countries offered for painting!  When she moved back to the U.S. in 1999,    she discovered the new medium of colored pencils.  

Pencils were easy to walk away from, with minimal prep time, and were effortless to pick up where she had left off.  They became her preferred medium 

for many years - but because of the time involved and the perceived value of art on paper, Ginger primarily works in oils today.  Ginger has continued her artistic growth taking various workshops from the artists whose work she admires.  A few of these artists are Joe Anna Arnette, Sherry McGraw, Dalhart Windberg, Xiang Zhang, and Michael Ome Untiedt.  It is easy to see how these artists have influenced her work!  When not in Wyoming, Ginger spends winters at her second home in Texas, and is a member of the Chisholm Trail Art Association and the Gainesville Area Visual Art League.