We close our long year with the Annual Christmas Party!  We have wound up the loose ends of the annual show and  are ready to relax and share Christmas.  Missy Sofey has been gracious to have our parties for the last few years at her home and the Bernath's opened up their home this year!  Alex, maybe a new tradition has begun?  See you again next year.  It is always a fun event with too much food, your choice of drink or BYOB.   We have our traditional Chinese gift exchange.  Yes, it has been around for a while but we have a lot of fun with expectations of receiving personal art by members.  No one is shy about stealing your gift and all of them are much coveted!  Two of our members this year were unable to keep their gifts.  Gary and Ray would open a gift only to have it stolen.  They had the floor a long time!  It is a warm evening of camaraderie which is often missed in our busy programs.

I am looking forward to next year and a BIG thank you goes to Alex and his wife Marcie for inviting us to their home for this special occasion.  The decorations were beautiful and we were not lacking in anything!!